Welcome to the website of Xin Saxophone Quartet.

A highly versatile chamber group, the Xin Saxophone Quartet (XSQ) is one of Singapore’s leading professional saxophone quartets.

Founded in 2016, the name Xin Saxophone Quartet plays on the Chinese character for Heart and also the first character in Singapore’s Chinese name. XSQ’s motto is “to represent Singapore by always performing with sincerity from the heart.” As advocates for new music, XSQ commissions Singaporean composers to write new chamber works.
XSQ comprises of Singaporean musicians from different walks of life.

Michellina Chan – soprano saxophone
Alexis Seah – alto saxophone
Samuel Phua – tenor saxophone
Ang Yi Xiang – baritone saxophone
Jay Ong – resident composer

XSQ Highlights

The XSQ made their debut at the Singapore Saxophone Symposium in 2016, which is held annually at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.
• World Saxophone Congress, Croatia, 2018 (Funded by National Arts Council)
• A Music Tapestry, 2018 (In collaboration with The Philharmonic Winds)
• XSQ Duo Recital, 2017
• Back to Basics, 2016 (XSQ Recital Series)
• Singapore Saxophone Symposium, 2016-2019
This year, the XSQ began a new initiative “Xin Saxophone Quartet Virtual Camp” (XSQVC), to reach out to saxophone enthusiast. XSQ welcomes you to join them for the second XSQVC on 11, 12 and 19 September!

Commissioned works
Ong, Jay: Enclosures (2016)
Ong, Jay: Sea Scenes (2017)
Ong, Jay: Transit Sketches II (2018)
Yiau, Daniel: Sax-Drive! (2018)
Gu Wei: The Beloved Image Appears (2019)
Ong, Jay: Pelog and Play (2019)

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