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Band Fusion – Xin Saxophone Quartet Represents Singapore at World Saxophone Congress

“#teamsingapore in Zagreb, Croatia! Not just a term in sporting events, but now also for music and classical saxophone! It’s a great honour to represent our tiny red dot, Singapore, on a global setting – we are exhilarated about presenting a program that is fully Singaporean and also a little nervous.” said Michellina Chan.


The Straits Times – Classical Engagement (8/8/2017)

Musicians from these larger, traditional ensembles also set up eclectic groups such as Pixel Apartment (piano, guitar, violin, trumpet, ukulele, vocals and percussion), Singapore Horn Sounds (horn octet) and Xin Saxophone Quartet.


Band Fusion – Xin Saxophone Duo

A subset of Xin Saxophone Quartet, the Xin Saxophone Duo was formed in 2016 by two professional Singapore saxophonists Michellina Chan and Alexis Seah. They will be presenting a full recital this coming Friday at the Sinfonietta Hall of Forte Musicademy.


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